With my ongoing conceptual photography series ‘Emergence’, I explore the theme of finding a common ground on which people can meaningfully connect with one another.  The images are relatable visual stories connecting those who seek them, to a narrative I believe we're all linked to; the very ones we are naturally wired to listen to; the ones that make us feel united in our pain, our hopes, our journey of life. I strongly believe in these stories that transport viewers to worlds seemingly unknown yet familiar to the subconscious. 

Storytelling has wonderful qualities of making humanity feel more as one in its often divided state. Stories have been informing our imagination from the first moments we understood the meaning of words read to us by our elders. Often this landscape of childhood imprints itself on us, and if we’re lucky, it stays throughout our lives as a place providing a sense of belonging with others who can also relate. 

My composite images often involve natural elements, which are intended to induce memories of roots shared, whether in childhood or in the idea that we are all part of our natural environment in equal measure. 

Whilst I like to leave much of the meaning of each piece open for interpretation I often offer a more immersive experience to the viewer by pairing the image with music, sound effects and poetry or a short story.  


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