Discovering art in times of need can bring a kind of peace and comfort.  By recognising one’s self in a character in a book, in the lines of a poem, the notes of a melody or in a created image deep rooted feelings will latch on to the artistic experience and find solace.

Since I can remember  I always felt I looked in on groups of people as an outsider. Whether I was on a playing field, in school, workplace, later as a mum in my kids’ school playground or in all sorts of social gatherings.  I eventually had to admit the effort to try to fit in when it just wasn’t happening, was painful and draining.

Having been born in Hungary to a family that travelled the globe from the USA to New Zealand, then me later settling in the United Kingdom most certainly added to feeling like an outsider.

My steadfast friend turned out to be Art - properly discovered after more than three decades of feeling rather lonely. Along with it's study and practice came a community of people with whom I felt a sense of understanding and belonging. 

My images, accompanying poems and short stories shine light on emotional experiences most of us share. I hope this work reaches out to encourage a sense of belonging for anyone who needs it. Stories can transport the viewer to worlds unknown, yet are familiar to the subconscious. I believe we all need stories because their power can help us find a narrative we're all connected to; the very ones we are naturally wired to listen to, the ones that make us feel united in our pain, our hopes, our journey of life.

Storytelling has the wonderful quality of making humanity feel connected. It has been informing our imagination from the first moments children grasp the meaning of words read by their elders. The landscape of our childhood is imprinted on all of us, and if we’re lucky, it stays throughout our lives providing a place where people can relate to each other.


My composite images often involve natural elements which are intended to induce memories of roots shared, whether in childhood playing in the woods or to the deeply ingrained idea that we are part of our natural environment in equal measure.

I am a self-portrait artist. I photograph myself taking on the persona of an autobiographical or a theatrical character. My aim is to inspire connections with the viewer, and provide a sense of safety and belonging in hardship. It's not about capturing a moment in the traditional style of photography. It's about using images to tell stories, to convey ideas. I use the camera and post production digital manipulation as tools to further explore my imagination.

To me being an artist is a never-ending journey through ideas and human experiences. It is an exciting journey, building images from scratch employing a visual language of surrealism and symbolism that needs no words to be universally understood.  It's a privilege I do not take for granted.

It is my goal in art to reach the person in limbo feeling like they don’t belong; the people who have found their place in life but remember times of hardship and loneliness; the introverts and misfits, those who stand alone on the playground, and all of us who celebrate our individuality, our inner weirdness.