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Veronika Lavey is an artist specialising in conceptual imagery and self-portraiture through mixed media, predominantly utilising acrylic painting and photography.

While earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013 with a focus on creative writing and literature she acquired a love for stories, which she later nurtured and focused into her distinctive artistic imagination. 

She is a self-taught artist, who is recognised for her surreal, often dark, thought-provoking self-portraits, which are exhibited and publicised to fulfil her mission of illuminating strength and resilience through shared emotional experiences. 

Taking on the persona of a theatrical character, Veronika’s self-portraits hold up a metaphorical mirror to show the audience some of their more challenging places in life. She reminds us to cultivate empathy for ourselves and others, because ultimately we are all navigating through the same deep-rooted stories of joy, pain, hope and sorrow.


Originally from Hungary, Veronika grew up in Los Angeles and Auckland, New Zealand before settling in the United Kingdom now over twenty years ago. She is currently based in Herefordshire with her husband, two children, giant Goldendoodle, and two cats. 


Veronika’s work can be found in private collections around the world.

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