As I write my first words towards this blog, I wonder… do people still read blogs? And if they do, do they read those that have not been around for 10 – 15 years? The ones that have the grand total of ZERO following. The ones that are so quiet in all the noise, you wouldn’t hear a word of it even if it was screamed out in a church.

Which straight away leads me to a bigger question… why care and invest energy into wanting to be read by or be approved by others? Why isn’t it enough just to satisfy ourselves? Who cares if no one reads your words? Who cares if no one sees your work; if no one connects – not because your work isn’t worthy, oh it’s worthy!, but because you might just not be in the right place at the right time seen by the right people. Sometimes that is all it takes, you know – one person seeing your work. So don’t you forget: you are no less than anyone else who has already ‘made it’. You are important. You need to carry on. Your time is coming.

But back to my question. I’ll tell you who cares about all that attention from others: Us. Us, creatives. Us, artists. Us, who’s happy existence relies on that connection we so long to make with others who might just invest into our very souls we so bravely opened up to this very LOUD world.

I love creating. I love story telling. I love making images. I love writing. I love all of it for me, because from start to finish, they make me happy. But what I love just a little more is the bond my stories offer between me and anyone who "get" them.

Photograph by D'Arcy Benincosa

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