A bit about me

Every image you see on this feed is self-portraiture. This form helps me execute concepts in the most personal way I know. It is the extension of my being, of my feelings, my thoughts.

I am multicultural. I was born in Budapest, Hungary but grew up in Los Angeles, then later in Auckland, New Zealand. I now live in the UK (have been since 2004). As a result my accent is an enigma to many who meet me for the first time. It’s a mixture of American and British, which a lot of people translate as Canadian or Irish or even South African: go figure!

I have two children, a son who’s coming up 15 and a daughter who’s nearly 11. My dog Sonic is my third child. He’s nearly 8 (slow down time!!)

I believe stories unite us. They’re powerful narratives we’re all connected to. This is why visual story telling is so important to me.

For years I’ve been battling anxiety and occasional bouts of depression. Therapy helped me, once I found a counsellor who got to the root cause.

Besides working on my fine art, I also take pictures of others through my Creative Story client business. I love making people feel amazing and providing an experience of being transported to their imaginations.

I married my first boyfriend (we met when I was 19).

My deepest desire if for my work to connect with people. people who can relate; people who need to see my art just at that right moment.

I can catch flies with my bare hands


‘And on the snowy hill she bled’ 2021, self-portrait

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