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Lost and found

If visual storytelling is something that interests you but you are not sure how to go about it; or if Photoshop and compositing seem like intimidating ideas, I would love to be able to help you with my one-on-one lessons or workshops.

During these sessions, you will get the the time and space to learn how to approach visual storytelling techniques at your pace.

Before your chosen session, we will have a quick discussion via email, to help me determine your skill level and the direction you would like to take with your art.

One-on-one mentoring

One-on-one workshop

Investment price

£40 per hour

What to expect

Your session will either take place  in person or via Zoom (through screen sharing).

In either case, we will discuss:

  • Storytelling through visual imagery

  • Finding inspiration (spoiler alert: they're all around you!)

  • Figuring out your style

  • Using symbolism to create depth and meaning in your work

  • Photoshop tools I use

  • Finding your colour palette

  • How to photograph and implement textures

After an initial evaluation - a few days before your session - I will put together your personalised study material that will best suit your needs. 

Freebies (for 3hrs +)

  • Bundle of 10 textures 

  • Upon purchasing 3 hrs, you will receive a free up to 20 minute review of a new image you create within a month of your mentoring session.

Investment price


What to expect

Join me for a private one-on-one 6-hour intensive workshop in Herefordshire. We will spend the day creating and exploring the possibilities of your imagination as well as learn necessary Photoshop techniques to make your vision a reality.

This workshop experience will take place outdoors and  includes a hands-on photoshoot focusing  on self-portraiture. 


Before your session we will have a discussion over your skill levels and desires for the photoshoot. I will then develop a concept and prepare props and costumes to bring along for the first half of the day.


In the second part of the day we will bring back the images from your shoot and edit together. I will teach you my Photoshop skills and provide you with techniques you'll be able to use on your own in the future.

What is included

The day will be split into three sections.

Section 1.

  • Storytelling 101 through visual imagery 

  • Inspiration, conceptualization, idea & style development

  • Symbolism

  • Finding or building props + wardrobe sourcing

Section 2.

  • Photoshoot (guided self-portrait)

  • Wardrobe and props provided (depending on requirements and size)

Section 3.

  • Postproduction. Editing the images from your photoshoot

  • Compositing basics, retouching, expanding frames,  etc. depending on your final vision for your image.

  • Discussing stock images, colour theory, etc.


  • Bundle of 15 textures

  • Up to 20 minute review of a new image you create within a month of your workshop. 

  • Finger food snack to keep the energy levels up!

Full booking fee is due upon booking of either mentoring options.

Payment via BACS please (details will be provided on the invoice).

Please refer to Returns & Refunds below for more information on refunds.

Interested? Get in touch:

I recently attended a two hour mentoring session with Veronika in her studio in Hereford.  Veronika is an excellent tutor and the session, which had been specifically catered to my needs, really ‘hit the spot'.  There was plenty of time for me to ask questions and for general discussion too.  By the end of the afternoon I not only felt energised but more importantly, that I’d been given all the tools that I needed in order to pursue my own photographic story telling journey.

Amanda A.

My mentoring session on Visual Storytelling  with Veronika was more than I hoped it would be. I can hardly wait to start using the strategies that will help me on my journey to visualising my ideas!  She actually gave lots of information on how to get ideas too!
Veronika is a great communicator and enthusiast. I was not disappointed!

Barbara M.

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